Photos/Prints in the Isle of Wight newspapers 1926
date photo description picture of/names of
30 Jan Undercliff Landslide -
06 Feb IW Rifles at Lulworth 1911 -
13 Feb Landslide in Undercliff at Mirables -
13 Feb IW Rifles on Parade -
13 Feb J.P. of Ryde H.H. RYALL
20 Feb Sandown new Fire Engine and Crew -
20 Feb Fancy Dress Ball at Brading -
27 Feb Scene of Tragedy at Skew Bridge A.SIMMONDS. A.AUGUSTUS
Firemen mentioned at tragedy DYER. EDGAR
27 Feb Funeral at Shorwell Mrs DISNEY LEATH
27 Feb  the late - Charles SEELY
06 Mar Of Horringford the late - Mr Charles ALLEN
06 Mar Funeral of the late - Sir Charles SEELY
06 Mar Ladies 6 a side Hockey Teams -
13 Mar Dedication of Bembridge War Memorial -
20 Mar Of Rookley the late - Mr G.CLENCH
20 Mar Ruins at Carisbrooke Castle -
27 Mar Landing Motors and Horses at Fishbourne -
27 Mar Roman Remains at Cypress Rd. Newport -
27 Mar Heroic 15 yr old Girl and dog  at St Helens Lighthouse Ethel LANGTON
03 Apr Meet of the Isle of Wight Hunt -
03 Apr Poplar Tree 5ft in diameter at Padmore -
03 Apr County Councillor for Cowes Mr F.J.PHILLIPS
03 Apr Roman Remains at Cypress Rd. Newport -
03 Apr Serious Fire at Wootton Farm -
10 Apr Motor Gymkhana -
10 Apr Roman Remains at Cypress Rd. Newport -
10 Apr Of Seaview the late - Mr W.A.GLYNN, J.P.
17 Apr Point to Point Races -
17 Apr Gaza War Cemetery -
17 Apr New Van to Vivosection Society -
17 Apr Comedians at Cowes Blossom & John HENRY
17 Apr The late - Major J.ELLERY (V.D.)
photo of the above by - BARRIE & MULLINS
24 Apr St Andrews Church, Norton -
24 Apr Ventnor Musical Society Production (Society Girl) -
24 Apr Strollers Concert Party 12 Names
24 Apr Floating Crane and Railway Carriages to Cowes -
24 Apr Concert at Ryde -
01 May Marriage - bride of Egypt House Cowes Miss Maisie WARD
01 May Roman Villa at Cypress Rd. Newport -
01 May Crew of the Steam Yacht "Medea" Major B.H.PIERCEY
01 May Ventnor British Legion Dinner -
01 May Hampshire Regiment in India BROMWELL, LOWE, RILEY,
01 May Of Havenstreet the late - Mrs BOYCE
15 May Marriage at Cowes Rev DIXON & Vera COOKE
15 May The Bembridge Players -
15 May Golf Cup Winner of the Needles Club Harold NEWBERY
22 May Milk Squad at Ryde Pier Head during Strike -
22 May Locomotive Ryde 13 during strike - Driver and assts G.TOOGOOD, Major CREETH,
22 May Marriage - bride of Bembridge A.WEBLEY & Queenie WINTER 
22 May Tree Struck by Lightening -
12 June War Memorial Unveiling at Newport -
12 June Marriage at Cowes P.J.ENDEAN. Olive BUTCHERS
12 June Winner Silver Cup playing piano at Music Festival Margaret Ellen BALLARD age 8
12 June Staff H.M.Prison Parkhurst - retirement of governor Capt R.H.D'AUTH
19 June Members Newport Trojans Athletic Club -
19 June Totland WI Shakesperian Players -
19 June Wedding at St Lawrence C.HOCKEY, Miss M.DUNNING
19 June Carisbrooke team winners Country Dancing -
26 June Island and MCC X1 at Newport -
26 June Island Fire Brigade at Newport -
26 June Marriage at Newport last week Capt N.McGAVIN and
Miss Rita MEW
26 June IOW Chess Team winner of Hants trophy -
03 July Wedding at Southampton - both known in Cowes Stanley LONG, IRAM. ATCL
and Miss Vera ABBOTT
03 July Folk Dancing by WI at Swainston Rally -
03 July Bembridge Cricket Club players and opponents Capt FITZGERALD
10 July Challenge Bowl outright winner at Rose Show with Rev Hugh Le FLEMING
his gardener and E.G.BRETT

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