Photos/Prints in the Newspapers - various years
date photo/print description photo of/names listed
04/07/1896 Sketch of new Asylum at Whitecroft from a photo by C.ALDERSLADE
11/07/1896 Plan of new Asylum at Whitecroft architect B.S.JACOBS
13/01/1900 H.R.H. Inspecting Imperial Yeomanry E.Cws photo by E.H.SHEAF
16/06/1928 Lifeboatman at Brighstone for 40 years Late James COTTON
22/09/1928 Electrification of the IOW
20/07/1929 Death of Island Centenarian - Yarmouth Charles FLINT
25/01/1930 Rail men of Ryde 50 yrs gold  medal presentation driver H.J.REES
station mstr G.H.FRENCH
01/02/1930 The Needles Lighthouse
19/11/1931 Greyhound trainer at Portsmouth track and dogs Archie WARREN [IW Times]
10/06/1933 Big Fire at Ryde Town Hall -
10/06/1933 Opening Wroxall's new Sunday School room -
10/06/1933 2nd Hampshires cheer for HM the King Rt. Hon J.E.B.SEELY
10/06/1933 New boat for Steam Packet co. -
10/06/1933 Boy Scouts practice launch Brook Lifeboat -
05/10/1935 A Constables Retirement George PRIDDLE (PC)
05/10/1935 Retiring Trinity House men F.G.WYNNE, J.H.IDE, H.HOLLIS
15/04/1933 Brighstone Policeman Tragedy A.DEBENHAM (PC)
08/12/1934 Working model of South Coast Steamer Fred DUDLEY
08/12/1934 Football School Shield - boys  beat Dorset  -
08/12/1934 Parkhurst Prison officers retirement Allan LYNCH
18/10/1952 Engraving 1821 Ventnor Village, by:- George BRANNON
1955 Church Litten Cemetery cleared -
03/11/1962 Restoration King James School Newport -
22/05/1965 Memories of lace making in the Island Mrs Charlotte Emily LANDER
22/05/1965 Two new Police Inspectors -
22/04/1967 Albany Prison opened on Thursday Albert GOULD (Governor)
24/08/1968 Royal National Hospital at Ventnor -
08/11/1969 Knowles Farm Niton. Marconi experiments -
06/02/1971 How lawyers send their mail - postal strike Mr E.A.H.SIBLEY
20/02/1971 Posting last day covers Ventnor - postal strike Rayma DEAKIN (14)

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