STAFF OF QUEEN VICTORIA at Osborne House, Isle of Wight

Below are persons listed as being employed by Queen Victoria, which I have extracted from various records.  I will be adding to this, as and when I find more.  The census are not listed alphabetically, but as they were on the original image. For further details, please
email me here.

source: IOW County Press 17 Jan 1891 Obituary
John HALL (late) .. Servant for nearly 50 years, 30 of which were spent at Osborne as Storekeeper.

Mr LLOYD .. Clerk Controller of the household.
Mr WOODFORD .. Tarpesier at Osborne.
Mr Supt FRAZER .. of the Household Police.
Mr CLARK .. one of HM Personal Attendants.
Mr FELTHAM .. Chef.

source: 1861 census RG9/653. folio 48/49
HEALE Edmund 41 .. Clerk of Kitchen. [b.London, Middx].
LLOYD Adolphus F. 29 .. Clerk of Kitchen. [b.Windsor, Berks]
THIRN Eugine 38 .. Cook of Kitchen. [b.France].
JUNGBLUTHE Charles R. 40 .. Cook of Kitchen. [b.Germany].
DE SAULLES George F. 37 .. Cook of Kitchen. [b.London, Middx]
GOUFFE Alphonse 48 .. Cook of Kitchen. [b.France].
THEVENOR Alexander 28 .. Cook of Kitchen [b.France].
FELTHAM Arthur F. 17 .. Apprentice in Kitchen. [b.Dover, Kent].
DUMAS Eugine 16 .. Apprentice in Kitchen. [b.France].
BURBIDGE Charles 41 .. Scullery Man. [b.Elton, Huntingdonshire].
GORING George H. 32 .. Scullery Man. [b.Surrey].
KIRBY John 38 .. Table Decker. [b.Northamptonshire].
GOWER William H. 35 .. Table Decker. [b.Hampton, Middx].
ALBERTENSON Robert D. 24 .. Cellarman. [b.Kensington, Middx].
PRAGUE Gilbert 49 .. Page. [b.Exmouth, Devon].
SEARLE George J. 45 .. Page. [b.Windsor, Berks].
MAYET Gustance H. 23 .. Page & Valet to Prince Consort. [b.Switzerland].
ROBERTSON Charles 33 .. Jager to Prince Consort. [b.Scotland].
GRIMM George 32 .. Valet to Prince Consort. [b.Surrey].
FENWICK James 31 .. Silver Pantry. [b.Chudleigh, Devon].
KITTLEWELL Henry C. 36 .. Silver Pantry. [b.Plymouth, Devon].
COCKING John 57 .. Lamplighter. [b.London Middx].
JOHNSON William 36 .. Lamplighter. [b.London, Middx].
GRINNELL George 42 .. Lamplighter. [b.Windsor, Berks].
PENNY James 53 .. Stewards room Man. [b.Winfield, Berks].
WILTSHIRE William 43 .. Stewards room Man. [b.London, Middx].
CUPPS Richard 37 .. Stewards room Man. [b.Eton, Bucks].
RAYNER Daniel 41 .. Stewards room Man. [b.Essex].
HUGHES Charles 22 .. Stewards room Man. [b.London, Middx].
RIDGERN Isaac 34 .. Usher of Hall. [b.Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk].
FISHER George 37 .. Coal Porter. [b.Old Windsor, Berks].
NOTT Richard 44 .. Coal Porter. [b.Ireland].
CARVER John 36 .. Queens Footman. [b.Kent].
MACDONALD John H. 31 .. Queens Footman. [b.Scotland].
GALDING George 34 .. Queens Footman. [b.Portswood, Hants].
WAITE George 26 .. Queens Footman. [b.Moulsey, Surrey].
DOWNIE Robert 36 .. Prince of Wales Footman [b.Scotland].
NEWTON John F. 29 .. Queens Footman. [b.London, Middx].
NEWELL Thomas 39 .. Prince Consorts Footman [b.Bowden, Northants].
HUDSON John R. 41 .. Prince Consorts Footman. [b.Southgate, Middx].
JACKSON Edward 29 .. Queens Footman. [b.Leicestershire].
COLLINS William 27 .. Queens Footman. [b.Edingham, Lincolnshire]. 
KILMISTER William 35 .. Queens Footman. [b.Uley, Gloucestershire].
CLARK William T. 26 .. Queens Footman. [b.Bexley, Kent].
MCDONNALD Archibald F. Prince Consorts Wardrobe Man. [b.Scotland].
BOVINGTON Benjamin 18 .. Prince Arthur's Servant [b.Old Windsor, Berks].
CHALMERS William 61 .. Queen's Messenger. [b.Scotland].
COLLINS Edward P. 45 .. Tapisier. [b.Brighton, Sussex].
DITHVEILER Emilie 31 .. Dresser to Royal family [b.Strasburge, Germany].
PATTERSON Helen 38 .. Dresser to the Royal family [b.Scotland].
ALBERTANSON Flora D. 21 .. Dresser to the Royal family [b.Kensington, Mddx].
GIBBS Catherine C. 18 .. Dresser to the Royal family [b.London, Middx].
ANDREWS Mary Ann 31 .. Wardrobe Maid. [b.Esher, Surrey].
SHACKLE Jane 20 .. Wardrobe Maid .. [b.London, Middx].
THURSTON Mary Ann 48 .. Royal Nursery Nurse [b.Suffolk].
PULLMAN Anne 28 .. Royal Nursery Nurse [b.Devonshire].
SMITH Elizabeth 40 .. Housekeeper [b.Nottinghamshire].
NEWPORT Eliza 39 .. Housemaid to Queen [b.Walberton, Sussex].
WAREHAM Ellise 40 .. Coffee Room Maid [b.Esher, Surrey].
HANNIFORD Elizabeth 50 .. Housemaid [b.Windsor, Berks].
HUBBARD Harriet 34 .. Housemaid [b.Lambeth, Surrey].
MITCHELL Anne 29 .. Housemaid [b.Aberdeenshire, Scotland].
TAYLOR Margret 35 .. Housemaid [b.Kincardineshire, Scotland].
ELLISE Harriet 38 .. Housemaid [b.Rauton, Denbigh].
FRASER Harriet 29 .. Housemaid [b.Balmoral, Scotland].
LOMAS Sarah Ann 25 .. Housemaid [b.Sheffield, Yorks.].
THORNTON Phoeby 36 .. Housemaid [b.Broadstairs, Berks].
MOORE Sarah 38 .. Housemaid [b.Stratford le Bon].
WAYLAND Emma 25 .. Housemaid [b.Windsor, Berks].
THOMPSON Mary Ann 23 .. Housemaid [b.Windsor, Berks].
WELLIEBONE Maria 33 .. Housemaid [b.Egham, Surrey].
COCKBURN Elizabeth 33 .. Housemaid [b.Windsor, Berks].
WILKINSON Mary 47 .. Kitchen Maid [b.Darlington, Durham].

source: 1871 census RG10/1160. folios 102/3
COLLINS Edward 54 .. Inspector in Lord Chamberlains dept.
DOWSING Thomas 55 .. Lodge Keeper.
MILLSWalter G. 26 .. Gardener Domestic Servant.
SMITH Alfred  20 .. Gardener Domestic Servant.
SMITH Elizabeth 45 .. Housekeeper.
NEWPORT Eliza 44 .. Linen Room Woman.
WELLBELOVED Maria 43 .. Housemaid.
SCOTT Elsie 32 .. Housemaid.
STEPHENS Mary Ann 37 .. Housemaid.
LAWRENCE Ellen 38 .. Housemaid.
MASON Eliza 29 .. Housemaid.
TURNER Ellen 31 .. Housemaid.
HURLEY Louisa M. 26 .. Housemaid.
CRIBBE Thomas 28 .. Silver Pantry Man.
ROCKING John 67 .. Lamplighter.
GOUGH William 59 .. Groom.

Source: Royal Archives (thanks to Sally Malyon for these details)
TYLER Alfred Stephens .. died 1881
worked for the Royal Household for about 36 years.
Whilst living in Albert Cottage, at time of his death, he held the position of foreman.

Source: IW County Press 21/02/1931. page 7
SLATER William.. the death occurred with distressing suddenness on Tuesday of Mr. SLATER, who for some 25 years has rendered faithful and extremely efficient service as medical electrician and masseur at King Edward V11's Convalescent Home for Officers at Osborne House. The deceased was shortly to be married to Miss R.E.SMITH, the popular and greatly esteemed head-mistress for many years of the Osborne-road Infant's School, who had tendered her resignation, and they had acquired a house in Cowes and commenced to furnish it. Mr. SLATER called at his fiancee's apartments in Elmside, York-avenue, and they were talking over matters connected with the wedding, when the deceased, who was seated, was suddenly seized with what appeared to be a fit. Dr. S.HARTILL was summoned and promptly arrived, but could only pronounce life extinct. The sad event is naturally a very great blow to Miss SMITH, who after a long and active scholastic career, was looking forward to rest and retirement in the permanent companionship of one with whom she had been on the closest terms of friendship for many years......