Old Postcards
These are a selection of pictures of the Isle of Wight, taken from old postcards in my album, which I will be changing from time to time.  I hope you will re-visit this page if you are interested in the Island views, some places have not changed very much and retain the main characteristics of the bygone era.  To see an enlarged picture, click on the image.

Yarmouth Harbour at sunset, a beautiful scene of tranquility. This card has a postal date of 1970. The ferry to and from Lymington is here and one of the main Island life-boats can usually be seen moored within the harbour.

Seaview High Street, relatively unchanged over the years, slopes gradually down to the esplanade.  The postal date of the card is unclear, but the half penny stamp depicting King George V, puts it in the early part of the 20th century.

rydefront.jpg - 97877 Bytes
Ryde Esplanade, with the Pavilion in the centre of the picture and the end of the Pier showing in the background. There is no date on this card, but the old cars and motor buses can give an idea of that. 

godshill.jpg - 131807 BytesGodshill Village, a quaint area with thatched cottages, tearooms, gardens and small shops, a popular place for visitors.  The church, of which the tower can be seen in the background, stands high on a hill, accessible by many steps or a very steep up hill walk. This card was posted in 1908.

mapcard.jpg - 154987 Bytes
This map card, shows the layout and dimensions of the Isle of Wight and all the main villages. Also shown are the Railways, which no longer run through to Ventnor and Freshwater, though not dated,  it has to be earlier than the mid-20th century.

St Blasius Old Church Shanklin, situated just outside the Old Village, on the way through to the  Landslip and Ventnor. A very picturesque and tranquil area. This card was posted in 1907.

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