This is a random collection of items involving the Post Office, I have not done specific research, just transcibed bits, as and when I came across them.
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The photo on the right, is of postmen at Cowes, IOW 1931
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- The Postmaster General informs us that an official Post-office is to be established in the rapidly increasing village of Oakfield, Ryde, the long desired accommodation will come into operation as soon as necessary arrangements can be made. (IW Observer)

- Through the exertions of Mr SAYER of Clatterford, an evening as well as morning, delivery of letters and parcels commenced on Monday last. There will also be a morning mail every day in the week, excepting Sunday, from Carisbrooke. (IW Observer)

29/09/1855 -
A memorial to the Postmaster General was unanimously adopted for increased postal accommodation by sending the mails across to Portsmouth as late as 9oclock, instead of sending them to Cowes at a quarter to eight; and also that another letter post be erected in the High-street near the Catholic chapel. And further that the delivery of letters should be earlier than at present. (IW Observer)

- Inquest on the body of John DAY, letter carrier to the Binstead district ...... this abominable branch of the civil service, however, which aims at driving out or starving its servants, chose a few weeks ago to cut down the salary of poor DAY, from 10s. to 5s.6d per week, a circumstance which preyed on his mind very much....... In his room were found 50 letters and 12 newspapers which ought to have been delivered the day previously...... (IW Observer)

- At Winchester Assizes William COLLINS was indicted, for that he, being in the service of the Post-office, had stolen a post letter containing a valuable security for money. The jury returned a verdict of "Guilty" and the prisoner was sentenced to be transported for 14 years. (IW Observer)

- At Winchester Assizes Luke W. BENNETT was indicted for forging a post-office receipt for money, with intent to defraud. The jury returned a verdict of "Guilty" and the prisoner was sentenced to 4 years penal servitude. (IW Observer)

- THE HALFPENNY STAMP. As was foreseen, the new postal regulations have entailed an immense pressure upon the resources of the already underpaid and overworked officials; causing inconvenience also to the public by the delay in the delivery or the ordinary correspondence. It is to be hoped, the post office authorities will see the necessity of making some immediate reforms in this costly and not too efficient department. Numberless quantities of these miniature stamps, have been used; but chiefly for business purposes and the issue of circulars. Love missives and correspondence requiring secrecy, will as before, seek the judicious shelter of an envelope and not reveal the contents of the message upon "postal cards". We may add that it is not legal to cut out a stamp from an embossed envelope or cover and affix it to another in prepayment of postage. We have pleasure in being able to announce that the Town Council have already taken action in this important matter, by addressing a memorial from the Corporation on behalf of the inhabitants of Ryde, to the Postmaster General; and we hope our townsmen will find that the appeal has not been made in vain. (IW Times)

- The following notice has been sent to all post offices in the UK: The Postmaster General has recently been compelled to remove two counter-women in consequence of incivility to the public and he desires to make it known that whenever a complaint of incivility, or even want of courtesy is clearly established, he will not fail to inflict severe punishment. He regrets to find that complaints of this nature have become more frequent since women have been employed at the counters. (Adv. Ryde & Ventnor Times) ~

- POSTMEN's HALF-HOLIDAYS. The Mayor read a communication from the Postmaster-General, sanctioning the discontinuance of the second and third deliveries in the town on Bank Holidays. (IW Adv. Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

- Newport .. We record the decease of Mr George DUKE, postmaster of this district 14 years. Formerly a member of our Town Council, was highly esteemed by the postal staff of the district, and the public in general who did business with him ...... (Adv. Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

17/05/1879 -
The following letter from the General Post Office by Robert MEDLEY, during the past week: "Sir -- With reference your application of the 9th ult, I beg leave to inform you that instructions have been given that letters for Niton and Whitwell posted at Ventnor in the morning may be carried by the letter carrier from Ventnor in the afternoon to the Post Offices at Niton and Whitwell, where the inhabitants can obtain them on application. It is not practicable to arrange for a second delivery in the day from house to house throughout these places. -- I am, Sir, your obedient servant, A.BINTHALL." (Adv, Ryde & Ventnor Times) *

- The new uniform stamp, applicable for letters as well as for receipts, will be issued by the Post Office in a few days. It will be of a colour and texture which, it is to be hoped, cannot be tampered with for fraudulent purposes. The stamps now in use will continue to be available both for letters and receipts until the present supplies run out. (IW Observer)

03/01/1885 -
The additional strain which the Christmas season imposes on the Post Office service was as great as ever at Newport this year, and the manner in which the pressure was met speaks very highly indeed for the efficiency of Mr Le MESSURIER and his staff. (C/Press)

06/03/1886 - On Thursday 25th the annual dinner of the Newport P.O. staff was held at Melville House, when upward of 30 sat down. The duties of host and hostess was kindly undertaken by W.H.WOOD, the chief clerk, and Mrs WOOD...... (C/Press)

- WROXALL. A much larger and convenient letterbox has been placed at Mr REDSTONE's shop, which will no doubt be a great public accommodation. (C/Press)

18/12/1886 - PILLAR BOX. The Clerk at East Cowes local Board reported that he had written to the Post Office authorities repecting the above, and they have now fixed one in Cambridge-road. (C/Press)

- We are given to understand that it is not true as reported, that the premises adjoining the Post Office in Union-street have yet been taken for the enlargement of that public office, much as increased accommodation is needed. (C/Press)

Census 886/f47 E.Cws - William PARKS. 53. Postmaster. b.Richmond, Surrey.

- An official notice has been received to the effect that the Post-office, Freshwater Gate, shall be known from the 1st of May as the "Freshwater Post-office", the name it has borne for the past twenty-five years and that the Post-office at Freshwater Green shall be called "Freshwater Station". This arrangement will be appreciated by visitors, who have been much inconvenienced by the temporary alteration of the names. (C/Press)

19/01/1895 -
PLEA FOR THE POSTMEN ... A petition is being signed in favour of relieving the local postmen of the Sunday delivery of letters. (C/Press)

29/06/1895 - Yarmouth Post-office - a new arrangement has been made by the postal authorities, by which letters can now be posted up tp 6.35pm. This is 20 minutes later than formerly, the mail now going by the 7.05 train to Newport instead of mail cart. (C/Press)

- The Clerk reported that the Post-office authorities wished to erect telegraph-posts in several roads for the purpose of connecting the Coastguard-station with the Post-office. Mr BLEW proposed that the application be not entertained on account of the unsightliness which would be occasioned by the posts. Mr BROWN seconded, pointing out how objectionable posts would be, especially in Chine-avenue. Carried. (C/Press)

- We are pleased to announce that arrangements have been made by the local postal authorities for an additional delivery of letters in Newport, commencing at 1.30pm every week day after this date. (C/Press)

- Mr DENNY Called attention to the fact that on the 10th inst., no lamp was lighted either in Melville-street or Star-street, which was very awkward for people going to a place of worship. The Mayor believed the lamplighter had been fined for neglect on that occasion. Mr DENNY asked whose duty it was to keep the Post-office lamp clean; it was an eyesore to the street. It cost the town nearly seven guineas, and it ought to be kept clean by some one. The Mayor said the Council thought it very hard lines that they should have been called upon to supply the lamp, as the Post-office authorities would not do so or undertake to clean it. It was the duty of the lamplighter to see that it was properly cleaned. Ald. DASHWOOD said he should take the lamp away. (C/Press)

- TOTLAND .. We hear that from tomorrow (Sunday) the Weston wall letter-box will be cleared at 4.15 p.m. instead of 10.05 a.m. This great boon has been obtained through the efforts of Mr. W. Cleveland SWAYNE, and the neighbourhood cannot thank him enough for all the trouble he has taken in the matter. (C/Press)

- TOTLAND .. At the outcome of some discussion of the Parish Council, Mr. DOWTY proposed that the Postmaster be asked to provide a larger letter-box in the Avenue, and further, that it be emptied on Sunday afternoon; and to erect new pillar-boxes , one near Mr. DOVER's house, one at the Stores corner, and one on the cross-roads near the hotel. (C/Press)

- BEMBRIDGE .. Miss Annie OSBORNE has been appointed sub-postmistress of Bembridge Post-office in succession to her father, Mr W.W.OSBORNE, who has with much ability held the appointment for some years and resigned through illhealth. C/Press)

- Mr George BRIGHT, chief clerk of Ryde Post Office, has accepted a Colonial Appointment under the Transvaal Government, with the addition of a junior clerkship for his son. Mr BRIGHT's period of service in Ryde has been a long one extending over 26 years ...... (C/Press)

16/06/1903 - Mr CORFIELD and his staff have this week entered into the occupation of the new Post-office, and the public have had an opportunity of seeing what a splendid improvement has been effected by the well designed and admirably executed work now brought to a successful completion. (C/Press)

09/09/1905 -
POST-CARDS ... Mr W.H.MARTIN has shown business enterprise and artistic appreciation in the specialisation of post-cards of Island scenery which have just been published. The ideal cards are comprised in convenient covers like an album, there being 12 cards in each of the sets, and the Dove series of 36 cards, done up in packets of six. Cards in each series are obtainable separately, and the best bits of the Island are covered by the entire series. (C/Press)

24/02/1906 - Tuesday's London Gazette, notifies a receiving order in the matter of Harry MOTT, of Carlton House, Cowes, retired postmaster. (C/Press)

27/04/1912 -
A Post-Office for the sale of stamps and postal orders will shortly be opened at Chale-green, The new office will be a great convenience to residents in the district. (C/Press)

01/05/1915 - Mr J.B.GADD of Hitchen, Herts, has been appointed postmaster at Ryde, in succession to Mr J.THOMPSON. (Observer)

12/03/1927 - RETIREMENT .. Mrs COOPER, the able and much esteemed postmistress at Brighstone for 41 years, is giving up the position at the end of the month consequent of the approaching marriage of her daughter, who has assisted her with the work. Mrs COOPER's discharge of her duties has been in every way admirable throughout this long period. She was always courteous and helpful to all and whilst wishing her health and happiness in her retirement, the postal authorities and public generally much regret her retirement. She will be succeeded by Mr S.STAPLETON and the post office will be transferred to Wolvesey-house, the residence of Mr J.CREETH. The present office will, we understand, be used in connection with the alterations and developments to be carried out to the New Inn next door, both premises being owned by Messrs. W.B.MEW. LANGTON. & Co. Mrs COOPER's retirement will unfortunately necessitate her giving up the agency for the County Press which she has held for over 30 years. We very much regret losing her capable services in this capacity. Mrs COOPER is continuing to reside in the village. (C/Press)

19/08/1933 - IMPROVEMENTS .. At Newport a black and white check tiled floor has been laid at the Post Office this week, and other alterations are in progress to improve the appearance and convenience of the office. Among these is the setting back of the counter, giving additional space for the public. (C/Press)