The Isle of Wight Record Office has
for sale,  postcards in two sets of eight cards, depicting old advertisements.  A really nice enhancement to ones family history, for anyone with ancestors from the Island.  Could also be used to send as an unusual card to someone else.  The sets are priced at 1pound.50pence each, plus postage.

Any monies from the sales, are to be used towards preserving the documents, books and registers etc. in their keeping.

The Record Office can now accept credit card as well as Stirling payments, therefore making it easier for our mainland and overseas friends to partake of this service.  I am also willing to purchase them on your behalf and accept Dollars at the going exchange rate as payment.    This is an absolutely voluntary service and no part of the cost would go to myself.

Examples of the postcards are below -

ropcards.jpg - 303961 Bytes

ropcards2.jpg - 272275 Bytes