WILLS ,(mostly pre 1858)

Below is a list of Wills Beneficiaries, anybody wishing to know more detail, are welcome to email me. Names are in the order that they appear in the Will. I have listed seperately the Testators, for whom I only have the beneficiaries with no extra detail HERE
ATTRILL James, of Span Farm, Godshill, Yeoman - Will - 20 Apr 1817
(son & Executor)
(son & Executor)
(son & Executor)
(son & Executor)
(wife & Executor)
(daughter - wife of Peter BAKER)
(daughter - wife of Richard CHIVERTON)
ATTRILL James (son - decd)

ATTRILL William,
of Chale, Yeoman - Will - 14 Aug 1819
of Span, Godshill, Yeoman (brother & Executor)
TOOLEY William
, of Newport, Innkeeper (Executor)
KEMP Francis,
of Bullen (occupier of my premises in St Helens)

AUSTEN George,
Union-street, Ryde - died 12/12/1833 - Will adm 1839 & 1868
AUSTEN Charlotte (wife)
AUSTEN William (son)
AUSTEN John (son)
AUSTEN George (son)
AUSTEN Eliza (daughter)
AUSTEN Emma (daughter)
AUSTEN Leonard (son)
AUSTEN Anne (daughter)
AUSTEN Thomas (son)
AUSTEN James (son)
STEPHENS John (witness)
COX Wm. (witness & Executor)

BAGWELL John, of Bridge, Godshill - Will - 12 July 1828 - Prove 15 June 1833
(brother & Executor)
BARTON Daniel,
of Budbridge, Yeoman (friend & Executor)
(sister - wife of James BARNES)
BRYANT Elizabeth (sister - decd)
WALBRIDGE Jane (sister - wife of William WALBRIDGE)
SMITH Frances (sister - decd)

LOE Rebecca
(sister - wife of Henry LOE)
(sister - decd)
KING Charles
(nephew - illegitimate son of sister Mary GOULD)
LOE Henry (
brother-in-law & Executor)

BARTLETT William, St Helens, Will - 28 Jan 1828
BARTLETT Hannah (wife & Executor)
BARTLETT James (son & Executor)
BARTLETT David (son & Executor)
BARTLETT John (son)
WADE Jane (daughter - wife of Edward WADE)
BARTLETT Caleb (son)
BARTLETT William (son)
BARTLETT Emanuel (son)
BARTLETT Hannah (daughter)
SMITH Hannah (daughter by my first wife - wife of Edward SMITH)

CALCOT Daniel, of Newport - Will - 10 July 1850
CALCOTT James (late brother)
CALCOTT James (nephew, son of late brother James)
CALCOTT George (nephew, son of late brother James)
CALCOTT Charles (nephew, son of late brother James)
CALCOTT Daniel (nephew, son of late brother James)
CALCOTT Benjamin (late brother)
CALCOTT James (nephew, son of late brother Benjamin)
WHITTINGTON James (natural son of Cross-lanes, Whippingham)
MATTHEWS Jane (house occupant in High-street)
WILLIAMS Daniel (nephew, of Godshill)
WILLIAMS George (nephew, of Newport)
EATON Mrs. (house occupant in High-street)
HAYDON William (nephew, of Dodnor)
HAYDON William the younger (son of nephew, William of Dodnor)
STANTON Mary (niece, widow)
STANTON Alexander (late husband of Mary)
BLAKE Frederick (gentleman of Newport)
WILLIAMS James (late nephew)
WILLIAMS Jane (widow of late nephew James)
HARBOUR Jane (my nurse)
PERKINS George (my servant)

CHEVERTON James, of Brooke - Will - 15 Aug 1837 (only page 1 listed)
HOW James, of Brooke House (friend)
JACKMAN William, of Brooke House, gentleman, (friend)
RAYNER James (tenant)
CHEVERTON Edward (late brother)
Children of my late brother Edward

ETHERIDGE Hannah, of Carisbrooke - Will - 7 Nov 1795
SPICKERNELL Joshua (nephew)
SPICKERNELL Elizabeth (Niece)
SPICKERNELL William (nephew)
SPICKERNELL James (nephew)
MILLS Elizabeth (friend, spinster)
JANNAWAY Elizabeth (friend, who once lived with me)
DORE Elizabeth (friend and cousin, widow)
LOCK Hannah (widow)
ETHERIDGE William (brother)
FOQUETT Betsey Ann (witness)
FOQUETT Richard (witness)
RICHARDS George (surrogate)

HARBER David, of West Cowes, Mariner - Will - 24 Jan 1837 - Proved 26 Mar 1839
HARBER Sarah (wife & Executrix)
ATWELL John (brother-in-law & Executor)
DAVIES Elizabeth (witness)
CORKE Benjamin (witness)
ATWELL James (witness)

HILL Elizabeth, of Bonchurch, at present residing in Newport, widow - Will -1 May 1809 - proved 24 May 1809
OWEN Anne (friend)
OWEN Edward Rev (son of friend)
HILL Charles Fitzmaurice (son - Leut Col 10th regt of Foot)
? Elizabeth (daughter)
HILL Henry (son - Capt Royal Navy & Executor)
HILL Justly Rev (son & Executor)

SEWELL Thomas, of Newport (Executor)

, of Newport, Starchmaker - Will - Nov 1791 - Proved 31 July 1795

DORE Osborn, of Freshwater, Yeoman (relation & Executor)
LEVEY John, of Fareham, Ships Carpenter (friend)
DUFFATT William, of Bishops Waltham, Tanner (friend)
SPRITZ William
, of Newport, Carpenter
COTTON Ann, of Freshwater, widow
The Poor people of Freshwater an amount for distribution
NEWNHAM William, of Newport (a poor black man)
LACEY Leah, of Freshwater, spinster

JACOBS William,
of Chale Farm - Will - 10 Sept 1817
HOLMES Sir Leonard Thomas Worsley, of Westover, Baronet (Executor)
HEARN George, gentleman (Executor)
JACOBS Harriett (wife)
JACOBS William Hearn (son)
TOOMER Harriet Hearn (daughter)
TOOMER Harriet (granddaughter, dau of Harriet Hearn TOOMER before marriage)
JACOBS Henrietta Hearn (daughter)
URRY James (purchased land from)

KERVIL Edward, of Gatcombe, Yeoman - Will - 1 Aug 1724
KERVIL Elizabeth (cousin)
KERVIL Mary (cousin)
KERVIL Robert (cousin)
WADMORE Elizabeth (cousin)
HOLLIER Mary (cousin)
MORRIS Anthony (cousin)
MORRIS Grace (cousin)
WARDER Mary (cousin)
MORRIS Elizabeth (sister)
KERVIL Anna (sister-in-law)
MORRIS Edward (son of my cousin John MORRIS)
MORRIS Anthony (son of my cousin John MORRIS)
MORRIS John (cousin and tennant)
KERVIL Anthony (cousin & Executor)
KERVIL Edward (cousin & Executor)

LANE William, of The Faulkners Arms, Freshwater - Will - 28 May 1866
LANE Hannah (wife)
EDGAR William, Bricklayer, of Freshwater (son-in-law & Executor)
LANE William, Baker, of Freshwater (son)
SAUNDERS Elizabeth (wife of Stephen SAUNDERS, Poplar nr London)
EDGAR Winifred (Jane) (wife of William EDGAR)
GOSDEN George (Executor)

LEGG George, Shopkeeper of Yarmouth - Will - 19 June 1823 - proved 20 Apr 1824
LEGG Peggy (wife & Executrix)
LONG John, senior (Executor)
SQUIRE Joseph (witness)
ALLEN James (witness)
ARNOLD George (witness)

LOWE Thomas, of Play-street, parish of Newchurch, Yeoman - Will - 21 Apr 1809
LOWE Thomas (son)
LOWE William (son)

SALTER Abraham, of Middle Branstone, Chale - Will - 26 June 1891 - Proved 19 Mar 1897
LININGTON John, of Atherfield Farm Shorwell (Executor)
COX Henry of Chale Green (Executor)
SALTER Jane (wife)
BUTT Emma (daughter)
SAYERS Betsey (daughter)
WHITTINGTON Mary Ann (daughter)
SALTER Oliver (grandson)

homas, of East Cowes, Builder - Will - 3 Nov 1836 - Proved 3 Dec 1836 Winchester
THOMAS Joanna (wife & Executor)
THOMAS George, Mason, (son & co-partner in business & Executor)
ASTLEY Elija (tenant in Castle-street, East Cowes)
TOZZARD Mrs (tenant in Castle-street, East Cowes)
THOMAS Joseph (son)
THOMAS Thomas (son & tenant in Castle-street, East Cowes)
BAKER William (son-in-law & tenant in Castle-street, East Cowes)
BAKER Ann (daughter)
DAISH James (tenant in Castle-street, East Cowes)
HAYMAN Martha (daughter)
HAYMAN Charles, Tallow Chandler, Newport (son-in-law & Executor)
HILL Edward (witness)
WHEELER Joseph (witness)
COWDERY Ch. (witness)
WORSLEY Henry (surrogate)

WADE Edward , Mariner of St Helens - Will - 1836
WADE Edward (son)
WADE Emmanuel (son)
WADE Elizabeth (wife)
Jane (daughter)
Elizabeth (daughter)
Eliza (daughter)
Caroline (daughter)
MARSH Robert (son-in-law)
WADE John (son)

WARDER John , Mariner of Yarmouth - Will - 6 June 1834 (his vessel "Lydia")
WARDER Jane (wife & Executor)
WARDER William (son & Executor)
WARDER John (son & Executor)
UPWARD Wm. (witness)
STEPHENS Hy. of Lymington (witness)

of Freshwater - Will - 1747
WILLIAMS Thomas (brother)
WILLIAMS John (brother)
?WILLIAMS Mary (sister)
?WILLIAMS Sarah (sister)
?WILLIAMS Jane (sister)
WILLIAMS Liddia (wife and executrix)
WILLIAMS George (son)
WILLIAMS William (son)
DORE Mary (daughter)
DORE Richard (son-in-law and husband of Mary)
ODAR/OCLAR Phill. (witness)
DORE John (witness)
WHITE James (witness)

of Troublefield, St Helens - Will - 1796   full transcript
HAYLES Mary (daughter)
HAYLES Benjamin (son-in-law)
HAYLES James (son of Benjamin & testator's godson)
WILLIAMS George (son)
WILLIAMS John (son)
WILLIAMS James (son)
BUCKLE Sarah (daughter)
BUCKLE Thomas (son-in-law)
KILCARTH *or CALCOTT or CATCOTT Nanny (daughter)
KILCARTH *or CALCOTT or CATCOTT James (son in law)

of Newport - Will - 1852
JONES Sarah (daughter)
JONES James (son-in-law, husband of Sarah, executor)
TILEY Jane (daughter)
TILEY Stephen the late (son-in-law, husband of Jane)
SNELLGROVE Martha (daughter)
SNELLGROVE George (son-in-law, husband of Martha, executor)
TEE Mary Ann (daughter)
TEE Edwin (son-in-law, husband of Mary Ann)
DRUDGE Harriet (daughter)
DRUDGE John (son-in-law, husband of Harriet)
WILLIAMS John (son)
LINNINGTON George (witness)
PERKINS George (witness)
KENTFIELD William Charles (witness)

of Newport - William - 1867
CHURCHOUSE Mary Jane (granddaughter)
CHURCHOUSE Emily Ann (daughter)
TAYLOR Jane Blanche (daughter)
TAYLOR John (son-in-law and wife of Jane Blanche)
ROCHFORT, G (witness)
STEPHENS William (witness)

WILLIAMS Lydia, of Freshwater - Will - 1752
CLARK Lydia (daughter)
?CLARK Lydia (granddaughter, daughter of Lydia Clark)
?CLARK James (grandson, son of Lydia Clark)
DORE Mary (daughter)
DORE John (son)
DORE Richard & children (beneficiary)
WILLIAMS George (son)
WILLIAMS William (son and executor)
WILLIAMS (grandchild, child of George)
MILLER James (witness)
WHITE Elisabeth (witness)

source: with thanks to Judy Keena for the above 5 Williams wills

Builder of Niton - Will - 12 Nov 1836 - Proved 25 Apr 1840
WILLIAMS Jane (wife)
WILLIAMS William (son & Executor)
BRIGHT George, the younger, Carpenter of Niton (Executor)
WILLIS Jeremiah, the younger, Carrier of Niton (Executor)
WILLIAMS Eliza (daughter)
WILLIAMS George (son)
WILLIAMS Emma (daughter)